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4 Piece
Box Kit

(1) Mini Rig

(1) Banger

(1) Dab Tool

(1) Carb Cap

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Goody Glass - Orbit Mini Dab Rig 4-Piece Kit

Technical Specs

A new generation of mini rigs has arrived! Goody Glass brings you a series of collectible miniature rigs made to put the “fun” back in function.

  • Height: 4.5"
  • 4 Hole Disc Percolator
  • Signature Ball Splash Guard

Box Includes:

  • 1 X Goody Glass Mini Rig
  • 1 X 10MM Quartz Banger
  • 1 X Bubble Carb Cap
  • 1 X Mini Dab Tool

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Zack Peffer
Amazing overall

This review will be based off the price point of under $60
Way smaller than I expected I have a lot of small rigs but this one hits differently. With the correct water amount you can pull as hard as you want and no water will hit your mouth. The nail is very tiny and close to your head but not close enough to where the heat hits you. The carb cap I have dropped many times and shows no sign of cracking or even a chip. The nail is quality and doesn’t break even after being At extremely low temperatures due to the quarts banger. The pick is ideal for the size of the nail and for the price you pay. Overall my best bang for buck purchase for glass. Excellent entry level kit for newcomers.

Orbit mini rig

This thing is smaller than I expected, but packs a punch, concentrates are flavorful, easy to clean. My new fav glass piece! Excited to add another glass rig from Goody soon.

Danielle Botvin

Are you kidding me? This fit's in my purse and packs a punch. GO BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Devin Burrill

Was just tryna get a cheap rig for my first rig, wont expecting much but ngl this thing damn smooth and rips hard. Banger retains heat well, only complaint is that the carb cap fits but doesnt move around well but whatever. Things really portable too, can probably throw it in a purse or small backpack ez.

Morgan Haley

Small enough to be discreet. Packs a punch